47th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics

28–31 January 2024

Post-symposium information

The 47th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics was successfully carried out with 58 participants this year. Over the course of three days, we attended 31 full presentations as well as 8 presentations from acoustics students. The presentations spanned many topics such as medical ultrasound imaging, acoustic non-destructive testing, underwater acoustics, and transducer technology.

We, the organisers, would like to thank the participants and especially the presenters for making the symposium a success! We hope to see everyone back at Geilo for the 48th symposium, which is planned for 26–29 January 2025.


UPDATE: The proceedings have now been published. You can find them here!

Everyone who held a presentation at the symposium is invited to make a submission to the Proceedings of the 47th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics. We allow two types of submissions:

  • Full articles, which should give a full account of the work you presented. Article submissions have no page limit.
  • Extended abstracts, which should give a brief summary of the work you presented. Extended abstracts are limited to four pages.

Submissions must be written using the provided LaTeX or Word templates. Please contact us at SSPAGeilo@gmail.com if you have any questions about the proceedings or issues with these templates.

To submit your article, please send it as a .pdf file to SSPAGeilo@gmail.com. The submission deadline is Friday, April 5.

Pre-symposium information

While the 47th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics has now been successfully carried out, we keep the original pre-symposium information below for posterity.

The Norwegian Physical Society is happy to announce the 47th symposium in the series, which will be held at Geilo, Norway. We encourage you to participate, and to distribute this invitation to others who may be interested in joining this symposium!

About the symposium

As always, the theme will be physical acoustics, with an emphasis on ultrasound, marine acoustics, nonlinear acoustics, and sound propagation in general, with applications in technology, medicine, fisheries, environmental monitoring, and defense.

The main purpose of these symposia is to strengthen contacts and exchange information between acoustics groups in Scandinavia. The symposium is held in English, and non-Scandinavian participants are very welcome.

The symposium has a quite informal tone, and is designed to facilitate getting to know colleagues, both during the sessions and during scheduled social activities indoors and outdoors. Geilo is one of the main sites for downhill skiing in Norway and has excellent tracks for cross-country skiing as well.


We will follow the same schedule as usual. The symposium opens on Sunday evening after dinner. On Monday and Tuesday, there are morning and afternoon sessions with a long break in between for networking, skiing, and lunch. On Wednesday, there is a morning session before the symposium closes in time for the trains to Oslo and Bergen.

We invite our participants to contribute 15-minute talks, though doing so is not mandatory. Furthermore, fresh master and PhD students are invited to give a 3-minute presentation of their project in a special session. Typically, the symposium attracts around 60 participants, holding about 30 talks throughout the five sessions.


There is no registration fee.

Participants are kindly requested to register as soon as possible, and no later than 17 December. Please use the registration form to indicate your time of arrival and departure, whether you require a single or double room, any accompanying persons, and the title of your talk if you intend to hold one. Rooms are automatically booked for all registered participants, and participants pay directly to the hotel at the end of their stay. If you would like to extend your stay outside the symposium period, it can be arranged by contacting the hotel directly.

Venue: Geilo Hotel

Address:Gamleveien 2, 3580 Geilo
Telephone:+47 32 09 05 11
  • Single room: 2145 kr per night (including all meals)
  • Double room: 2665 kr per night (including all meals)


From the southern half of Norway, the most convenient options to get to and from Geilo are driving a car or taking the train.

Geilo is roughly in the middle of the Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen, and the train journey from either end takes about 3–4 hours. Early estimates for the most relevant train times are:

  • Sunday, Oslo–Geilo: 12:03–15:44 or 14:25–17:58
  • Sunday, Bergen–Geilo: 11:43–15:00 or 15:41–18:45
  • Wednesday, Geilo–Oslo: 11:12–15:05 or 15:04–19:05
  • Wednesday, Geilo–Bergen: 11:56–15:00 or 15:49–19:06

More train options, up-to-date train times, and train tickets are available at entur.no or in the Entur app.

If you are joining us from further away, the two best options are to fly either to Oslo or to Bergen and then take the train from there to Geilo:

  • From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, you can take the Airport Express Train (frequent departures, but more expensive) or a regular train (cheaper, but less frequent departures) to Oslo Central Station and take the train to Geilo from there.
  • From Bergen Airport, Flesland, you can take the Bergen Light Rail to the Nonneseter stop. This is right next to Bergen Central Station, where you can take the train to Geilo.

Organising committee

Contact email: SSPAGeilo@gmail.com