44th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics

Online, 1–2 February 2021

Post-symposium information

The 44th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics was successfully carried out on February 1–2, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the symposium was held online via the Zoom platform instead of at Geilo.

This symposium set a new record, with 73 registered attendees. 19 full presentations were held over the two days of the symposium, as well as 10 presentations from new acoustics students on the second day. The presentations spanned many fields in physical acoustics, including underwater acoustics, waves in solids, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, acoustic measurement systems, and transducers.

We, the organisers, would like to thank the presenters and the participants for making the symposium a success despite being held online in the middle of a pandemic! We hope to see everyone back at Geilo again in 2022.


UPDATE: The proceedings have now been published. You can find them here!

Everyone who held a presentation at the symposium is invited to make a submission to the Proceedings of the 44th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics. We allow two types of submissions:

  • Full articles, which should give a full account of the work you presented. Article submissions have no page limit.
  • Extended abstracts, which should give a summary of the work you presented. Extended abstracts are limited to four pages.

Submissions must be written using the provided LaTeX or Word templates. Please contact us at SSPAGeilo@gmail.com if you have any issues with these templates.

To submit your article, please send it as a .pdf file to SSPAGeilo@gmail.com. The submission deadline is Friday, April 16.

Pre-symposium information

While the 44th symposium has now been successfully carried out, we keep the original pre-symposium information below for posterity.


The Norwegian Physical Society is happy to invite you to the 44th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics. The theme for the meeting will as usual be physical acoustics, with emphasis on hydroacoustics, nonlinear acoustics, ultrasound, elastic waves and sound propagation in general, with applications in technology, medicine and fisheries.

We encourage you to distribute this invitation to anyone who may be interested in joining this meeting!


The purpose of these meetings is primarily to stimulate contacts and exchange information between Scandinavian teams working in this research area. The symposium is Scandinavian, but the meeting language is English, and foreign participants are very welcome.

While the 44th symposium is held online instead of in person, we still hope and expect to have the same informal tone as always. The meeting normally attracts about 50 participants, holding about 30 talks throughout 5 sessions.


As the symposium has been moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s program is shortened to two days. The symposium will open on Monday around noon and end on Tuesday afternoon. Throughout the program, we will have breaks for coffee and conversation.

Download the full program here!


The symposium will be held online, via the Zoom platform. Every registered participant should have received a link to join. We ask all participants to ensure that they have the most recent version of Zoom installed before joining the Symposium. Participants who want to familiarise themselves with Zoom before the symposium are also welcome for a special ‘test run’ session on Thursday January 28 at 14:15 CET.

If you are a registered participant and have not received your Zoom link yet, please contact us!


While registration for presenters closed on 21 December 2020, you can still register as a participant without a presentation. Please use the registration form to provide your email, name, and affiliation. There is no registration fee.

Fill out the registration form here!


Contact email: SSPAGeilo@gmail.com

Erlend M. Viggen, NTNU (erlend.viggen@ntnu.no)
Lars Hoff, USN (lars.hoff@usn.no)

Next symposium in 2022

The 45th symposium is planned for 30 January to 2 February 2022, at Geilo Hotel.